Working Experiences–non academic

Well, I was teaching my cousins playing pianos since in high school. When I was a freeman, I helped improve a girl’s grades of NCEE for more than 100 points (750 in total).

My first official work was to be a service staff in Jasmine, Charle’s Wang Center at Stony Brook University. It was a challenging but pleasant time for me. I used to work 20 hours each week in the Cafe and study in the library till midnight almost every day in each week. Because of that unique experience, I kept my enthusiasm for my research about rural migrant workers(yes, I was an international student, doing labor work in a Cafe abroad) and urbanization in China.

Later in my life, meanwhile funded by my department with TAship, the computer lab of Health School at Stony Brook University offered me another job: technology assistantship in the lab. I have been working in the lab for more than three years. People came to ask for help with different issues and problems. Sometimes I even helped them solving R language programming! I met various students and professors, learn to be more helpful and trying to be as responsible as I could!

The experiences started to make me feel regretful and realized something is missing in our country and our education system. If I could have started to work in my undergraduate in China, I would have been more independent and more tolerant to people when I was younger. To handle so many things together during these years at Stony Brook was not easy, but, I wanna really say but, I appreciate all the experiences I had and all the people who helped me grow up these years. They made who I am now.