Teaching Evaluation (Click me)

My online class ‘Urban Economics (2017 summer)’ has been awarded the 2017 Summer Online Teaching Initiative by Office of the Provost, Stony Brook University.

My student Sasha Nicholson, who was the first student awarded the Robert S. Roth Endowed Scholarship in Economics in 2018
My student Yiwen Li received an award for honored for Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in 2017

Instructor at Stony Brook University

  • Urban Economics (undergraduate), Spring 2017, Spring 2018.
  • Economic Development (undergraduate), Fall 2017.
  • Urban Economics (undergraduate, on-line), Summer 2017, Summer 2018, Winter 2019
  • Demographic Economics of Developing Countries (undergraduate), Winter 2017.
  • Mathematical Statistics, Summer 2016 (undergraduate), Fall 2016, Spring 2019.
  • Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (undergraduate), Spring 2016.
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (undergraduate), Summer 2015.

Teaching Assistant at Stony Brook University

  • Introduction to Economics (undergraduate) – Professor Nuria Quella, Spring 2018.
  • Introduction to Economics (undergraduate) – Professor Roberto Burguet, Spring 2017.
  • Introduction to Economics (undergraduate) – Professor Eva Carceles-Poveda, Fall 2016.
  • Mathematical Statistics (undergraduate) – Professor Mark Montgomery, Fall 2014.
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (undergraduate) – Professor Thomas Muench, Spring 2015.
  • Mathematical Statistics (undergraduate) – Professor Samuele Centorrino, Fall 2014.

Teaching Assistant at Student Center of Economics Department, Jilin University, 2010–2011